How to Bottle Wine

¬†Learning how to bottle wine takes the most work and I’m sure everyone has a different system on how they do it and that is fine. The key is finding which way works best for you, this is how we bottle our wine.

The first step is one that your should be familiar with by now, we first need to sanitize everything that is going to come into contact with the wine. Bottles, syphon tubes, corks and your filtering machine. I try to get the bottles done first because they take the most work. You can also make some inquires at you local brew shop because they might have a machine that does it for you for $4-5, if you live near it or its not out of the way its something to think about. If you don’t live near the shop or just want to save some cash start washing!

Once you have all the bottle clear the best thing to do it to start on the equipment. Again you want to be sure to get everything clean, we even get some sanitized water set up and start our filtering machine and run sanitized water for a few minutes. Now that we have everything all sanitized we can start to filter the wine!

Now you might have a different machine than the one we use so but sure to read the instructions on how to operate yous properly, but it should have the same basic steps

1) Insert the filter pads and tighten down any clamps so that they stay in place.
2) Place the syphon tube in the bottom of the wine.
3) Now place the other syphon tube into your sanitized carboy so that the filtered wine can go into it.
4) That it! You just need to be sure to get as much wine over as possible and don’t be afraid to snag a glass for yourself, you earned it!!

Ok so now the easy part it done and we need to get this wine bottled! Move your filtered wine to the top of you counter so you can get a nice syphon and put you bottles out so you can easy move the syphon hose from bottle to bottle like you see below.

Now if you can this is much easer with a helper because you can be filling the bottles and the other person can be putting on the corks. We have it setup so that as soon as one is full its pretty much like a assembly line! I usually wait until I have all the corks in before I start putting the label and caps on but if you find you have a break you can at least get it setup so you can easily put them on when you have time.

Thats it!! You now have about 28 bottle of wine!! Now you should let the wine sit for at least another month or so depending on the kit sometimes they even say 6 months is good. Its not the end of the world if you drink if before they say but always remember your wine will improve with age!